Why buy Wilson Staff’s D200 iron set?

Why buy Wilson Staff’s D200 iron set?

Wilson Staff’s D200 Iron Set is design for Distance, Speed and Accuracy. With distance players in mind, Wilson Staff has developed a great set for those looking stay accurate but also increase distance.

Are Wilson D200 Irons good for high handicappers?

Will suit Mid-to-high handicappers who are looking for forgiveness and a way to increase swing speed while maintaining control. GM verdict The high flight and forgiveness on offer through the entire set of Wilson D200 irons was outstanding.

What shafts do the D200 irons have?

The D200 irons come with a uniflex True Temper steel shaft that is stable and will suit most levels of golfer, as well as a graphite shaft option too. If it sounds like I am being a bit harsh on the D200 irons, then I apologise as most comments are just niggly things.