Why are they called Tight Lies golf clubs?

Why are they called Tight Lies golf clubs?

If you see "Tight Lies" written as upper-case and plural, it’s a reference to Adams Tight Lies golf clubs. Adams Golf first used Tight Lies as the name of a golf club in 1996, when it launched Adams Tight Lies fairway woods.

How hard is it to hit a golf ball from a tight lie?

For handicap golfers, a shot from a tight lie is one of the most difficult to execute. Playing the golf ball from a tight lie requires a bit of thought and precise execution of the golf shot. From tight lies it’s easy to hit a thin shot, where the leading edge of the golf club strikes the ball instead of the club face.

How to hit a fat shot on a tight lie?

Take away the fluffy layer of grass and doubt creeps in. Tight lies demand that you pay special attention to your shot. If the ball sits on dirt and you hit the ground first the club can bounce into the ball. If the ground is soft then there is a good chance you may hit the shot fat.

What is a tight lie?

The term "tight lie" also implies that the ground under the ball is compact or firm. Tight lies can also be called thin lies or, in the case of an area of no grass, bare lies or hardpan lies .