Why add distance to your disc golf game?

Why add distance to your disc golf game?

It’s no secret, every disc golf player wants to add distance to their game. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, that added distance down the fairway is going to lower your scores and make you a better overall player. More distance usually equals more birdie (or eagle) opportunities. This article is about top 5 disc golf distance tips.

How to gain distance on the golf course?

The top 10 ways to gain distance regardless of your skill level. 1 1. Center Contact. Center contact is so important for golfers. It makes the shot feel great and it is where you optimize your distance. There are two … 2 2. Swing Faster. 3 3. Shaft Lean. 4 4. Longer Hand Arc. 5 5. Use the Ground. More items

How to prevent disc golf and disc golf injury?

By focusing on bringing the legs and hips as well as the arm and shoulders around on the follow-through of the throw will help to prevent many of the most common disc golf and disc golf distance related injuries. The writer is a household name in disc golf.

How far should a disc golf driver go?

How far should a disc golf driver go? The average distance for a casual player is around 70-100 yards or 210-300 feet. Disc Golf: A Glossary of Terms Every sport or hobby has its own unique and interesting glossary of terms.