Who owns Brookside Golf Course?

Who owns Brookside Golf Course? 

City of Pasadena

What is the oldest golf course in Los Angeles? Designed by famed golf architect William P. Bell, the Brookside Golf Club boasts a 95 year golf tradition. The 36-hole complex is the oldest golf course in Los Angeles County and situated in the golden foothills of Pasadena next to the famed Rose Bowl.

Do you have to be military to play Admiral Baker? Civilians can make tee times six days in advance, while active duty members have various opportunities before that. Non-military members also are welcomed into the men’s club.

Who designed Brookside Country Club Columbus Ohio? The search ended in 1920 at the present location of Brookside Country Club, and a year later the famous golf architect, Donald Ross, designed and built 18 holes of golf. The course has changed through maturity and subtle innovations, but the original concept of Donald Ross has been maintained.

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When was Brookside Golf Course built?

Designed by Bell in 1928, Brookside lies in a valley beneath Pasadena known as the Arroyo Seco that is named for the watershed that bisects the property and drains water – when there is any – from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Los Angeles River 25 miles away.

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