Which TaylorMade irons have the longest wedges?

Which TaylorMade irons have the longest wedges?

SIM2 MAX OS Wedge When the SIM2 Max OS was released, TaylorMade claimed it as the longest and most stable iron in the TaylorMade family. This model has 4 wedge options; 42° pitching wedge, 48° approach wedge, 54° sand wedge, and 59° lob wedge.

Why shop TaylorMade wedges at 2nd swing?

Shop new and used TaylorMade wedges from the fantastic selection available at 2nd Swing. TaylorMade wedges are unique, versatile and great for players of all skill levels. You can purchase your TaylorMade wedge from 2nd Swing and get everything from loft and lie angle to shaft length personally customized around the needs of your swing.

What is raw face technology on TaylorMade wedges?

TaylorMade introduced the Raw Face Technology through the Milled Grind 2 (MG2). It is the key feature of this wedge to provide added spin, precision, and feel. Instead of having a raw clubhead like the Milled Grind (MG1) wedge, MG2 only has a raw clubface. Except for the face, the clubhead sticks to the original finish.

What is the loft of a TaylorMade pitching wedge?

TaylorMade Pitching Wedge Loft TaylorMade, another highly reputable brand, typically sets its pitching wedge loft angle between 45 and 48 degrees depending on the year. However, TaylorMade has produced pitching wedges at the 43-degree loft angle as well. 1 How do I know the loft of my pitching wedge? 2 Is a 52-degree wedge a pitching wedge?