Where to put a putter in a golf bag?

Where to put a putter in a golf bag?

Remember, if your golf bag doesn’t have a putter compartment, the back is a good place for it. Put your driver in the left section while placing the woods on the right. When getting your golf bag in order, you’ll want to go from longest to shortest clubs. Irons ranging from 1 to 3 should stay in the back to prevent confusion with the smaller clubs.

How do I set up my golf cart bag?

Some cart bags are set up with 15 individual sections for 14 clubs and a ball retriever. If this is your bag’s design, start at the back with the longest club (your driver or 3-wood) and place the rest of your clubs in the remaining slots in descending order, using the left and right halves of the bag for the odd- and even-numbered clubs.

How do I organize my golf bag?

One of the first steps to whipping your golf bag into shape is to organize your golf clubs. After all, holding your clubs is the primary purpose of having a golf bag. If you don’t want to waste valuable time sifting through your clubs to find your putter or woods — keeping them in the right order is the best way to go.

What should be in the front of your golf bag?

All your smaller golf clubs, like your putter, irons, and wedges, should be in the front of your golf bag. After you use your club for a swing, try and get into the habit of putting it back in the same spot. Once it becomes second nature, you’ll quickly realize the benefits of having your irons and golf clubs organized.