Where can I go to the Outer Banks in Charleston SC?

Where can I go to the Outer Banks in Charleston SC?

10 Charleston Spots in Netflix’s Outer Banks That You Can Visit. 1 Shem Creek. 2 Lowndes Grove. 3 Kiawah Island Golf Resort. 4 Gaillard Center. 5 Morris Island Lighthouse. 6 Ben Silver. 7 Dunes West Golf & River Club. 8 Washington Square Park. 9 Old Village of Mount Pleasant. 10 The Wreck.

Where is the best outdoor movie theatre on the Outer Banks?

Dunes West Golf & River Club was the location of the dreamy summer evening outdoor movie theatre on Outer Banks. While the club is private, you can dine at The Grille Room, open to the public. INSIDER TIP: If you’d love to recreate the experience, head to Kiawah Island!

How many golf courses are in the Outer Banks?

Golf Courses in Outer Banks. 1 1. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf. 313 Golf Courses By mattishere2009. 2 2. Kilmarlic Golf Club. 60 Golf Courses By Rhoffmann11. 3 3. Nags Head Golf Links. 101 Golf Courses. 4 4. Currituck Club. 116 Golf Courses By wbcj. 5 5. The Grass Course. 29 Golf Courses By 197gregc. More items

Where was Outer Banks filmed in the Lowcountry?

Shem Creek Mount Pleasant’s Shem Creek is a favorite Lowcountry locale of locals and visitors alike. Most of the Outer Banks’ boating scenes were filmed along Shem Creek, where you can catch one of the best sunset views around.