What's in zalatoris' bag?

What’s in zalatoris’ bag?

Let’s take a look inside his bag. Will Zalatoris What’s In The Bag? Zalatoris has a full bag of Titleist gear at the moment. Starting with the driver he was using a Titleist TSi3 model with nine degrees of loft but this has come out for the newer TSR3 model.

Does Sam zalatoris use a whoop strap?

Zalatoris is also one of several Tour professionals who uses a WHOOP strap. *We believe Zalatoris switches his hybrid and utility iron in and out of the bag. A golfer for most of his life, Sam started playing the game to prove he was the best player out of his father and two brothers.

What Irons does David zalatoris use?

Zalatoris has often used a hybrid in the past but in 2021 he was also testing utility irons like the U500 as well. Right now though, we believe he has the newer T200 Utility in the bag whilst the rest of his irons are all Titleist T100 ‘s, and they go from four-iron down to pitching wedge.