What to look for when buying golf clubs?

What to look for when buying golf clubs?

These clubs are very typical of clubs found at online auctions, at collectors shows or in antique stores or flea markets. Know before you buy. Research the seller and make sure the clubs are in good condition. This owner has added lead tape to one club to increase the clubhead weight.

Why collect golf clubs?

Collecting items related to the game of golf has existed as long as there has been an interest in playing the game. Collectors have always identified closely with the implements of the game, clubs, as they are the most readily available and the easiest to procure artifacts to collect.

How can I get a copy of my Old Golf Records?

• Local golf businesses: Visit your neighborhood club-repair shop or local golf professional. Chances are pretty good they will know someone involved in collecting. • The Golf Heritage Society (567-303-5584, or

What is the best guide to collect rare Ping golf clubs?

Guide to Collecting Rare Ping Golf Clubs by Bobby Grace lots of rare Ping clubs. American Golf Classics Golf Club Collectors Handbook by Bob Farino, classic woods, irons, putters and even some hickories. The Ping Identification and Collectors Guide by Dalton Daves, Ping clubs only.