What size Hitch do I need for a golf cart?

What size Hitch do I need for a golf cart?

The size and weight you can pull will depend on the specs of the golf cart. However, you cannot use just any hitch to do the job. A standard RV framer trailer hitch is too large to use.

Can a golf cart tow a jet ski?

If the weight capacity is at or under the total tow weight of the golf cart, then yes a golf cart can tow a jet ski. But since the jet ski doe snot come with its own wheels, you have to figure in the weight of the trailer before you hook up and start off.

How much can a golf cart tow?

The usual towing capacity of a golf cart is about 1,000 pounds. But some makes and models can tow 3000, 4000, and 5000 pounds with ease. Others are able to tow up to 3 fellow golf carts at one time in a single line, which puts them in the 3000 range.

What kind of battery does a Yamaha G9 golf cart take?

If you have decided to replace the batteries, then Group 24 battery is recommended for the G9 Yamaha golf carts. The solenoid can be checked using an old screwdriver to jump the terminals. Your G9 Yamaha golf cart’s key must be in the start position. If the starter turns when you do this, your solenoid needs to be replaced.