What kind of golf cart do you get in GTA 5?

What kind of golf cart do you get in GTA 5?

The two types of golf carts in GTA V are the golfer caddy and the civilian caddy. The golfer caddy is green and appears to be in immaculate condition with a logo on the side that says Pro Laps Golf. If you prefer a golf cart that is a little bit less clean, you can get a civilian golf cart in GTA V.

What kind of car is the Caddy in GTA Vice City?

— GTA Vice City Website. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Caddy is apparently based on early models of the Club Car Golf Cart DS, but with slightly altered front and rear ends. The rendition in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories appears to have a sloped frontage and more elevated floor area.

How to get a caddy in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Finding a Caddy Golf cart in Grand Theft Auto V can be annoying but luckily there is a way to generate your own using a Golf Cart cheat code. Golfer caddy golf carts are most often found at Los Santos Golf Course. They can also be spawned by using a GTA V golf cart cheat code. The civilian caddy is a bit more banged up than then golfer caddy.

Where is the golf course in Grand Theft Auto 5?

The golf course is mostly surrounded by hedge plants, which means players have to get in through the entrance. It’s going to be on the left hand side of the map. Players can find various golf carts here, which they may or may not steal for themselves. They should be careful not to drive into the water here.