What is trapping a golf ball?

What is trapping a golf ball?

Basically, you are ‘trapping’ the ball between the face of the club and the ground. By hitting down through the shot, you can compress the ball against the face of the club, which will provide the shot with both power and spin.

How do you trap the ball with your iron shots?

Incorporate the tips below into your iron swing and you should find yourself trapping the ball in the very near future. Hands in front of the ball. This is the ‘golden rule’ when it comes to trapping the golf ball with your iron shots. Control the movement of your body.

How to hit a good strike on the golf ball?

Using the mental image of trapping the ball will encourage you to be hitting down on the ball, a key element of a good strike. Properly hitting the ball on a descending blow will also promote full shot distance and height.

Should you hit the ball up or down with your Irons?

You hear a lot about hitting up on the ball with your driver (good advice) but little about doing the opposite: hitting down on it with your irons. For perfectly pure iron shots, you must make descending, ball-first contact. You’re doing it right if it feels as though you’re pinching — or compressing — the ball between the clubface and the ground.