What is the worst score on every hole in golf history?

What is the worst score on every hole in golf history?

Garcia’s 13 brings the worst-score-on-every-hole to a 97-over 169. (Even you and I could shoot that. Maybe.) Check out Garcia’s epic attempts from 2018, and the rest of the worst scores logged at each hole below. 8, Bill Campbell, 1957; Sam Parks, 1957; Chick Harbert, 1960; Jerry Barber, 1964

What is the highest 4th round score at the Masters?

Highest Fourth-Round Scores. Kunkle’s 95 is the highest 18-hole score in Masters history (not counting Casper’s unofficial 106). Kunkle is another golfer who got into the tournament during the days when it awarded spots to U.S. Amateur quarterfinalists.

What’s the highest score on the 15th hole of the Masters?

(With a one-putt!) The 13 remains the highest score on the 15th hole in Masters history, and ties for the highest score on any hole. (There have been 13s on holes 12 and 13, too.) What would it look like if you combined the worst scores on each hole, all across Augusta National?

What is the best and worst round in Masters history?

The best round in Masters history is 9-under 63. The score was achieved twice, the first time by Nick Price in the third round in 1986. Ten years later, in 1996, Greg Norman equaled Price’s mark in the first round. On the flip side, the worst official round is 95, shot by Charles Kunkle in the final round in 1956.