What is the longest drive on the PGA Tour?

What is the longest drive on the PGA Tour?

Longest drive by a long drive professional American long drive professional, Scott Smith, holds the record for the longest drive by a long drive professional at a long driving event. Smith achieved this feat in 2004 when he drove the ball 539 yards.

What is the longest drive off the tee?

Longest drives off the tee were first contested during tournament events, and usually on a designated par-5 hole. Today, both amateurs and professions compete in their own long drive events around the globe. So, how do you hit the golf ball long and keep it inbounds?

What is a long drive competition in golf?

The reality is long drive competitions have rules to the gameplay. The primary goal of the competition is to drive the ball as far as possible. However, you have to complete the shot within the “grid,” or your shot goes out of bounds and doesn’t qualify. However, the grid is usually wider than a fairway at your local course.

What is the average long-drive distance in golf?

The average long-drive distance at one of these competitions is 350+ yards. The top pros and some amateur outliers can crack drives of 450-yards or more. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a colossal swing to win a long drive event. There are plenty of events out there suitable for beginners and intermediate players.