What is the history of the Wilson Golf Club?

What is the history of the Wilson Golf Club?

History of Wilson Golf Clubs 1 Early History. The Wilson Staff golf department came into existence in 1914 after the emergence of Walter Hagen as a major sporting personality in the United States. 2 Between the Wars. … 3 Introduction of the Sand Wedge. … 4 Top Club on Tour. … 5 1980’s and 1990’s. … 6 21st Century. …

Are Wilson golf clubs any good?

But given Wilson’s long-standing reputation as one of America’s biggest and most trusted manufacturers of golf equipment, you can buy Wilson golf clubs with the confidence that you’re buying from an American company. You certainly don’t need to worry about the quality of the clubs that you will be receiving. Do Any Pros Use Wilson Golf Clubs?

What happened to Wilson Golf?

PepsiCo bought Wilson in 1970, and its stewardship of the brand ran through 1985. During that time the seeds were planted that would ultimately send Wilson Golf tumbling from the top of the mountain to beneath the bottom of the heap. Back then Wilson was the name in golf: world-class irons and the tour’s best players on staff.

When did Wilson Golf start making deep red Irons?

Wilson made Further innovations with nanotechnology in 2004, the Deep Red driver in 2003, the Ci6 irons in 2006 and the Di7 irons in 2007. Where are Wilson Golf Clubs Made? Wilson Golf Clubs are made in Tullahoma, Tennessee, but the company’s headquarters is in Chicago.