What is the hammer X?

What is the hammer X?

The HAMMER X is the most POWERFUL AERODYNAMIC DRIVER EVER worth 50 Yards to ever golfer! Jack 45" Shaft- 10° Loft – Winn like grip Available in Right Only at this time

Is the hammer X driver the world’s longest driver?

The Hammer X Driver says it’s the world’s longest driver and that you can drive 50 more yards just by using it. It says that all 460cc drivers are now rendered obsolete. This is like saying that the club is as much of a revolution as the 460cc clubs were to the old persimmon style club.

Is the hammer X a USGA driver?

The Hammer X was designed by Jack Hamm ‘The Hammer’ specifically for golfers to instantly add 60 yards, hit the ball dead straight and drop 10 strokes. As brand new golf technology, the Hammer X has been submitted to the USGA. The Hammer X does fall within the following USGA requirements for drivers:     The Hammer X face width is wider than body.

What is Jack Hamm’s hammer X driver?

The Hammer X Driver is promoted by Jack Hamm as a way to add distance to your drives. He may be known for his long drives, but does that mean a club can be developed that allows you to mimic his success?