What is the compression tag for TIFF?

What is the compression tag for TIFF?

TIFF/IT compression. LW files use a specific compression scheme known as Run-length encoding for LW (Compression tag value is 8080 16 ). HC files also use a specific Run-length encoding for HC (Compression tag value is 8081 16 ). The TIFF/IT P1 specs do not allow use of compression within the CT file.

What is the difference between TIFF and TIFF IT?

TIFF/IT is used to send data for print-ready pages that have been designed on high-end prepress systems. The TIFF/IT specification (ISO 12639) describes a multiple-file format, which can describe a single page per file set. TIFF/IT files are not interchangeable with common TIFF files.

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What is the SubIFD tag in TIFF?

A baseline TIFF file can contain a sequence of images (IFD). Typically, all the images are related but represent different data, such as the pages of a document. In order to explicitly support multiple views of the same data, the SubIFD tag was introduced. This allows the images to be defined along a tree structure.