What is the best way to grip a club?

What is the best way to grip a club?

Your Grip On The Club First, you can turn your left hand more to the right, making sure that you can see at least the first two, if not three, knuckles on your left hand. Another way to think of this is to make sure that the palm of your left hand is looking down and to the right (almost at your right foot).

How to stop a slice on the Golf Club?

Since your hands are the only connection to the golf club, there are three things that we can do with your hands to eliminate a slice: 1. Your Grip On The Club 2. Your Grip Pressure 3. Your Palm 4. The Split-Grip Drill 1. Your Grip On The Club

Is your golf grip slipping when playing in hot weather?

If you find your golf grip is slipping when you’re playing on hot, humid days because of your hands sweating then you will want to read this article now; because in it I’m going to explain a couple of simple tips that will help you to stop the golf grip from slipping as you’re swinging.

Do you lose your grip when you swing a golf club?

There’s nothing worse than losing your grip as you’re swinging – so make sure you use these two golf tips to make sure you don’t lose your golf grip when you play golf.