What is the best launch angle for a driver?

What is the best launch angle for a driver?

Launch: 13-16 degreesSpin: 2400-2700 rpmPeak height: 70-86 feetAngle of descent: 32-36 degrees

Should you use a low spin driver?

What many players don’t pay attention to, though, is how less spin also makes it harder to hit straighter drives, and therefore find fairways. Generally, low-spin models perform better in the hands of harder hitters (with higher swing speeds) and possibly golfers who hit down on the ball with a driver.

What is the optimal spin rate for a driver?

The average golf ball spin rate is 2686 rotations per minute (rpm) when using a driver. A 3-wood has a spin rate of 3655rpm, where a 5-wood is measured at 4350rpm. Ahybrid club with a loft angle between 15 and 18° has an average spin rate of 4437rpm.

What golf ball has the lowest spin rate?

Well, the balls that go straight are the lowest spin golf balls. These balls are hard; they don’t feel as great at impact. Some might say they kind of feel like hitting a rock! However, the harder the golf ball, the less likely it is to curve. The softer the golf ball is, the more expensive they are.