What is the best illegal golf ball of 2021?

What is the best illegal golf ball of 2021?

These Ultimate Straight Self Correcting golfs balls from Polara are arguably the number one selling illegal golf ball on the market. And our top choice for the best illegal golf ball of 2021. This ball facilitates a straight shot despite the side spin many beginner golfers tend to put on the ball.

Are your golf balls legal?

Most of the time those golf balls are illegal. In fact, there are a ton of golf balls that you can buy that are considered illegal. So, to help you see whether or not your golf balls are legal, I put together a list of some of the more common golf balls.

What is an MG illegal golf ball?

This ball is specifically designed for golfers that have drives that travel under 250 yards. As this MG illegal golf ball is built to create distance from a slow swing speed. In terms of drivers, it is nearly impossible to estimate the increased distance due to the significant difference in swing from player to player.