What is the best head size for a golf driver?

What is the best head size for a golf driver?

The sweet spot is around 450cc head, and the maximum legally allowed club head size is 460cc. These head sizes will provide you with all the important benefits of using a driver with a slightly oversized head, and eliminate any potential drawbacks of opting for a driver with the club head size of 500cc and more.

What is the longest shaft length for a driver?

According to the rules of golf 48 inches is the maximum shaft length allowed to be used in a driver, most standard drivers however are around 45 inches. A longer shaft in combination with the right driver head and lie/loft setting can give you that extra 10 yards that you are after.

What is the legal length of a driver in golf?

Legal driver length Under the Rules of Golf, the maximum length of a club is 48 inches. Clubs must be at least 18 inches long and cannot exceed the 48 inches. Lengths of putters is now a concern due to the proliferation of long putters in golf; however, the 48-inch limit of shafts in the Rules of Golf does not apply to putters.

What is the best golf driver for long distance?

The Intech Golf is a very long driver when you are looking for pure distance. Again the Intech will surpass the USGA legal limit by about 60cc. This allows for a much larger club head and sweet spot. One of the things we love the best about the Intech golf driver is the Behemoth shaft that it comes with.