What is the best disc golf driver?

What is the best disc golf driver?

Firebird by Innova The next disc on our list is the Innova Firebird, and often considered one of the best disc golf drivers available! This disc is one of the best discs for forehand drivers that are looking for distance and it’s very easy to throw!

What is the best disc for distance driving?

But the most important ratings are speed and glide. Turn and fade determine stability, but your disc has to be fast and it has to fly far. So I would recommend distance drivers with at least a 12 or higher speed and a 5 or higher glide rating. Almost every disc on this list meets those requirements.

Is the Innova Roadrunner disc golf discs good for beginners?

The Roadrunner is a beginner-friendly distance driver that effectively bridges the gap between fairway and maximum distance drivers. With a -4 turn, the Roadrunner is one of the most understable discs in the Innova lineup. Slower arms should be able to get this disc to reach cruising velocity and glide towards the basket on long straight shots.

What is the best distance driver for beginners?

The Sheriff is a fantastic distance driver great for those transitioning into intermediate play. Advanced players can really use this disc for distance, as it’s meant to fly far as f*ck. This disc is truly the distance multi-tool in my bag. High glide and decent speed, along with moderate turn and fade, means that this disc will really go far.