What is the best ball position for a driver setup?

What is the best ball position for a driver setup?

If you have a Rimer, you can find the ideal driver setup by positioning the slider at the “B” mark. Then, set the golf ball at the slider. Place your lead foot at the “A” end of the ruler and your trail foot at the opposite end. That’s it. You’ve got the perfect ball position for a driver setup.

How do you address a golf ball with a driver?

Tee the ball up so that half of the ball is above the driver face when the driver is on the ground addressing the ball. As you take your stance, as described in Golf Swing Drill 108 – Setup: Addressing the Golf Ball, set the ball slightly further forward, the back of the ball level with your left heel (2 golf balls ahead of standard).

How do you hit a driver properly?

Here’s a quick checklist of everything we went over. Next time you’re teeing off, remember this to get proper ball position for driver: Position the ball forward in your stance. Align the ball with the inside of your lead arm. Tilt your head away from the target so the golf ball is off your lead ear.

Where do you line up the ball when hitting it?

THE ARCHIVES! Golf: Address – Line Up the Ball Off . . . The ball lined up at the center of the club. In the pre-shot routine, it seems logical to line up the ball with the center of the club. After all, the center is the portion of the club you want the ball to contact (it’s often called the “sweet spot”).