What is the average swing speed of a PGA Tour player?

What is the average swing speed of a PGA Tour player?

Since 2007, the PGA TOUR has been tracking golf swing speeds of all of its players, also using Trackman®. As of the end of the 2019-2020 PGA TOUR season, the tour average runs about 114.1 mph and they hit about 296.4 yards/drive, which means their driving efficiency is about 2.60 yards/drive.

What is Bryson DeChambeau’s swing speed?

Making swings at 25%, 50% and 75% speed (effort) will allow you to tune in to how the body, arms and club work together to punish the ball like Bryson. In the 2020 season, Bryson Dechambeau has a driver swing speed of 126 miles per hour (mph) and a ball speed of 190 mph.

Is Bryson DeChambeau a genius?

Bryson Dechambeau is an interesting cat. As golf announcers mature (hopefully) they should start to see the genius of this guy and the way he sees the game, instead of their raised eyebrows and low brow comments. After all, single length golf clubs kind of make sense right?

What golf ball does Bryson DeChambeau play?

Bryson plays the new Bridgestone Tour BX Golf Ball with the company’s innovative REACTIV cover technology. This 3-Piece golf ball is designed for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph and Bryson certainly fits that category (as detailed above)!