What is the average drive for a pro golfer?

What is the average drive for a pro golfer?

What The Average Drive Distance Of A Pro Golfer? The average golf swing by professional golf players is 280 to 320 yards. It generally takes a female golfer 230 to 270 yards to hit a driver on the main tour. In terms of distance, amateur golfers usually hit a putter 200 to 205 yards. Guys do not play tennis with girls.

How far is the average drive in golf?

The median driving distance is 219.55 yards, while the average for a three-wood is 186.89 yards, a seven iron 133.48 yards and pitching wedge 73.97 yards. It also showed users found the fairway…

How far can the average golfer drive a ball?

The portion that can hit in the 275 to 299 range is only 11 percent. On average, only 16 percent of golfers are driving the ball between 250 and 274 yards. However, the portion of amateur golfers who can drive the golf ball 225 to 249 yards is 24 percent. Driving distances of 200 and 224 are the most common compared to any other average.

What is the average golf drive for a beginner?

The average drive distance for a novice player who is just getting into the sport is 175 to 250 feet. Average disc golf drive distances are broken down based on several factors.