What is the average distance of a wood in golf?

What is the average distance of a wood in golf?

Average Wood Distance. The average distance when using a wood is 220 yards. This figure combines a 3-wood and 5-wood, which are the two most popular woods used in golf. 140 yards is the average distance for a female golfer using a wood. 3 Wood Vs 5 Wood Distance. 3 Wood Loft: 12 – 17 Degrees Distance: 215 yards; 5 Wood Loft: 20 – 23 Degrees

What is the average distance of the average male golfer?

Distance Chart for the Average Golfer. This chart shows the average yardages of all amateur male golfers, broken down by golf club. Club. Men’s Average Distance. Driver. 220 yards. 3-wood. 210 yards. 5-wood.

How do you know your average yardage for each club?

Utilizing a tool such as a launch monitor is a great way to discover your typical yardage and get accurate distances for any particular club. Simply take it to the driving range and measure your carry distances by club type as well as other game improvement data such as your swing speed. How Do You Remember Golf Club distances?

What is the right distance for each Golf Club?

There is no "right" distance for each club, there is only your distance. That said, a typical male recreational golfer might hit a 4-, 5-, or 6- iron from 150 yards, while a typical female might use a 3-wood, 5-wood, or 3-iron from that distance.