What is TaylorMade's corporate giving program?

What is TaylorMade’s corporate giving program?

TaylorMade Golf Company’s Corporate Giving Program supports organizations year-round that focus on improving the health and vitality of the communities we serve.

Are there any major casino-golf sponsorships on the PGA Tour?

While golf sponsorships seem to be both lucrative and plentiful, it seems strange that – despite the PGA Tour’s February 2019 ruling – there is as yet to be any major casino-golf player or golf event sponsorships.

Why join the TaylorMade family of golf?

Golf is a lifelong path that has no destination other than the journey itself. TaylorMade is proud to be there, helping every aspiring golfer in the endless pursuit of improvement. A highly competitive mindset runs throughout the entire company, attracting some of the most passionate personalities and brightest minds to join us in the industry.

How do I get sponsorship for golf?

The best way to get a golf sponsorship is to rank in the top 30 in your local golf event. It’s best to start early and aim to perfect your skills during your college days. Try to maximize your rankings, and if you’re ranked somewhere around the top 30, it signifies a good start.