What is involved in refurbishing Irons?

What is involved in refurbishing Irons?

Refurbishing Irons entails buffing and polishing the sole & toe, re-painting scoring lines and refinishing the face. We are not able refurbish shafts or ferrules, so they will remain in the same condition prior to refurbishing the club head. There is no guarantee that club heads can be refurbished to a specific condition.

What kind of club repair does Golf Galaxy offer?

We offer a variety of club repair services in every Golf Galaxy location. We have the tools and materials necessary to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft. Improve your golf clubs and shop for new shafts that fit your game. Bore-through golf clubs require a different shaft installation process.

Can you remove a broken shaft from a golf club?

If your shaft is broken or doesn’t fit your swing, you can have it removed by a Golf Galaxy Certified Club Technician. We have the tools to remove graphite or steel shafts without damaging other components of your golf club. Is your club too short?

How many golf clubs have we repaired?

Since then, we have perfected the process of repairing, rebuilding, and refinishing over a million clubs for both professional and amateur golfers. Our plating technique, known as Tour Chrome, has helped players across the world improve their game, whether it is on a championship hole or just another Saturday on the green.