What is a TaylorMade carbonwood driver?

What is a TaylorMade carbonwood driver?

What is a carbonwood? A carbonwood is a driver that has a club face made up entirely of carbon. The TaylorMade Stealth drivers are the first carbonwoods to be released to the mass market. In fact the club face of these drivers are made up of a staggering 60 layers of overlapping carbon.

Are all golf clubs made from carbon graphite?

Few clubs today are produced primarily from carbon graphite; however there are a number that incorporate the carbon graphite material in the design. Carbon graphite is less dense than any other material used in golf and a perfect choice to replace the top shell (or crown or top of the head).

What is carbon steel used for in golf clubs?

Used in either irons, wedges and putters, carbon steel has been used in golf clubs for centuries. Most will associate carbon steel irons and wedges to be forged, as this was the primary method of fabricating these clubs. However, certain alloys of carbon steel can be cast as well (8620 carbon steel) to produce a club head.

What is Carbon Country Club?

Located midway between Helper and Price, Carbon Country Club is where you will discover the alluring beauty of the Utah frontier sculpted into a one-of-a-kind golf experience. Set within chiseled mesas and rocky valleys, play our golf course that continues to be an oasis for our members and guests year after year.