What is a stiff shaft on a golf club?

What is a stiff shaft on a golf club?

This is specifically designed for ladies because they usually have the lowest club speed. In short, the stiffness of the shaft generally depends on the speed of the club which means that the swing speed for stiff shafts will invariably depend on the speed of the club too.

Do I need stiff shafts for my Irons?

Finally, if you swing speed is just in that stiff shaft bracket for your driver, you may just need regular shafts for your irons, it can be as easy as that. Does shaft weight affect flex? Indirectly, yes it does and it is very important for other reasons too.

What is the swing speed of a stiff shaft?

This is due to a stiff shaft’s ability to generate a swing speed that lies between 95 and 110 miles per hour (mph). To determine the factors behind the swing speed for stiff shaft, let’s look at the different components of a shaft and their functions.

What are the best iron shafts for your swing speed?

Stiff shafts are best suited to golfers with fast swing speeds. Golfers fitting into this category typically swing a 6-iron between 84 to 91 mph. Stiff iron shafts help fast-swinging golfers produce their desired launch, ball speed, and spin levels for satisfactory results. Low handicap players typically fall into this category.