What is a sand trap on a golf course called?

What is a sand trap on a golf course called?

Routing: Term applied to the path that a golf course follows from its first tee to its 18th green – the specific way the holes are strung together. Sand Trap: Another name for a bunker. The USGA, R&A and the Rules of Golf only use bunker, never sand trap, which is considered more golfer’s lingo.

What are sand bunkers in golf?

Sand bunkers are a vital part of the design of any golf course. They tend to be shaped and styled in various ways and are included to test the accuracy and strategy of players all over the course. While bunkers come in all shapes and sizes, there is just one type of bunker according to the rules of golf: a sand bunker.

What are golf course Sands made of?

Golf course sands are different. They are made of round particles “resembling a bucket of balls with large pore spaces between each ball,” Kidd says. They promote good drainage, and healthy air and water circulation.

Is there a science to sanding a golf course?

As you can probably see, there’s a science to sanding, and on golf courses today, Kidd says, that science is “very precise.” When you sand and how much sand you use is critically important. Sand too heavily at the wrong time of year, and you risk a range of problems. It’s best to do the work in good weather, Kidd says.