What is a pleated golf skirt?

What is a pleated golf skirt?

This pleated golf skirt is functional with a pretty scalloped back that adds feminine flair, while still being practical, having built in undershorts and three hidden pockets (two at the side and a zippered one at the back). It has a high and wide waistband for comfort while bending and swinging. Comes numerous colors and in sizes XXS-XXL.

Are spandex skirts good for golf?

Spandex is highly durable, breathable, and elastic, making it ideal for golfers that want to spend all day on the course. This particular manufacturer has designed this skirt with a comfortable and breathable interior short design. The shorts are intended to offer maximum comfort and support while golfing all day.

What are golf skirts made out of?

There are only a handful of materials that golf skirts are made out of. What we can say is that the best golf skirts are made with cotton, polyester, or some kind of elastic material such as elastane. These are the compound qualities of these materials.

What are the best skirts and skorts for golf?

Check out this list of top skirts and skorts that will look cute on the green! The luxe skort from Anatomie is a golf skirt, but with the protection of shorts. The slim fit, with comfy high-rise waist is made of super soft jersey and honiara, that won’t crease and is flexible enough to swing and bend along the fairway.