What is a matrix golf shaft?

What is a matrix golf shaft?

Matrix is one of a very few golf shaft companies that make their own prepreg. That gives them the ability to create unique properties. They consistently produce round shafts, a property they call “Circumferential Flexural Integrity”, CFI. For me, consistency around the shaft is one of those go / no go properties.

What is a flex on a golf club shaft?

Types of Flex in Golf ShaftsOverview. The flex in a golf shaft affects the distance, accuracy and trajectory of your golf shot. …Extra Stiff. Extra stiff shafts should generally be reserved for really long hitters (about 300 off the tee) and this flex can be difficult to find, as it is not …Stiff Shaft. …Regular Flex. …Senior FlexLadies Flex. …

What is the Flex and frequency of a golf shaft?

· Typically there will be 10 cycles between shaft flexes. Thus if one shaft registers 250 cpm and another is 270 cpm, there is a 2- flex difference between the shafts regardless of what flex the manufacturer claims them to be. By assigning a specific frequency number to a shaft, the shaft can be closely matched to a player.

What type of golf shafts are right for You?

Steel shafts are less expensive than their counterparts’ graphite and multi-material shafts.As these shafts are made with heavy steel, you will get great control over the golf club you are using.Though these shafts will ensure control, you may suffer when it is about taking the ball some extra yardages. …More items…