What is a hook golf shot?

What is a hook golf shot?

A hook golf shot is when a right-handed golfer hits a ball that curves to the left aggressively. For left-handed golfers, it is when the ball curves aggressively to the right. A hook can also be from several different swing flaws, but the most common reason for a hook is the opposite of a slice.

What is a standard hook on a golf club?

Standard hook And then there’s the standard hook, which is when the path is moving to the right, and when the clubface is pointing left. The result is a ball flight with far too much side spin, and a ball that dives down and to the left. Luke Kerr-Dineen is the Game Improvement Editor at GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com.

What is the hook ball flight for a right-handed golfer?

The hook ball flight for a right-handed golfer: The ball starts out to the right before curving (often sharply) back to the left. A "hook" or "hook shot" in golf is a shot that results in a significant right-to-left curving of the golf ball’s flight (for a right-handed golfer; for a lefty, a hook curves left-to-right in flight).

How do you hook the ball on the golf course?

The easiest ways for recreational golfers to intentionally hook the ball are: Close your stance. A very closed stance can induce a draw or hook ball flight. Close the clubface at address. Hold the club out in front of you and twist it so that the clubface is in a closed position. Strengthen your grip.