What is a claw grip on a golf putter?

What is a claw grip on a golf putter?

For a right handed golfer, the claw grip is formed by turning over the right hand and gripping the handle of the putter with your palm facing in toward your body. The left hand position in a claw grip is the same as it would be for a traditional putting grip.

How to putt a golf putter?

Grip your other hand so that the putter grip is in between your thumb and index finger Your lower fingers should be pointing down the shaft of the club while the thumb is wrapped underneath the grip for stability The finger point grip is similar to the traditional grip.

What are the best grips for making short putts?

If you struggle with making short putts, I would recommend trying the cross-hand grip or the claw. These grips also limit the use of wrist movement and allow you to feel more control of your putt.

Can You putt with a saw grip?

Try the Saw Grip to Cure Putting Woes. Golfers who struggle on the greens will try anything to fix their putting. They’ll change their stance, their stroke, and often the putter itself. The first step for many is to try gripping the club differently. The cross-handed or “left hand low” grip is usually the first stop.