What happens if your golf ball is out of bounds?

What happens if your golf ball is out of bounds?

If your ball is definitely out of bounds, you must play another ball from where you last played under penalty of stroke and distance (Rule 14.6), whether from the tee or fairway. So if it was your tee-shot that had gone OOB, you would now be playing three off the tee.

What does’out of bounds’mean on a golf course?

Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. "Out of bounds" refers to those areas outside the golf course from which play is not allowed, or any area designated as out of bounds by the committee .

What is the penalty for hitting a ball out of bounds?

The Penalty for Hitting a Ball Out of Bounds 1 It’s a stroke-and-distance penalty for hitting the ball out of bounds. That means, if you are playing by the rules, when… 2 If you think you just hit a ball out of bounds, you can play a provisional ball from the same place the first one was… More …

When is the ball in bounds on the Ob boundary?

So, for example, if a white line painted on the turf designated the OB boundary, and your golf is at rest on the line, the ball is in bounds. Rule 18.2 includes a diagram to help golfers determine the in-or-out-of-bounds question.