What does'skulled'mean in golf?

What does’skulled’mean in golf?

Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. To "skull" the ball, or to hit a "skulled shot," means to contact the golf ball with the leading edge of the iron or wedge.

Why do my golf clubs feel like they’re swinging up?

Your golf clubs are designed to get the ball up in the air. Some golfers try to "help the ball" into the air, feeling like they have to swing up into the ball. Don’t do that! It results in lifting up your torso and/or lifting up your arms just before impact, and that causes thin shots.

What is Skulling in golf?

Skulling is a synonym, in other words, for "blading the shot" or " hitting it thin ," although skull is typically a term reserved for the more egregious types of those mishits. (Note that a common misspelling of "skull" in its golf context is "scull" or "sculling.")

Why do some golfers hit the ball down on the ball?

And that can be caused by a feeling of trying to help the ball get into the air – a sense that you need to "scoop" the ball up to get it airborne. You don’t! Golf irons are designed to strike a descending blow on the golf ball. "Hit down on the ball" is a common refrain among golf instructors. See: