What do you use to make a cardboard course?

What do you use to make a cardboard course?

Scissors (useful for getting the flutes to work in a way, and will cut down the hard part, too.) Solid cardboard, like the cardboard that is on cereal boxes compressed together, will make lots of things easier. Using different types of cardboard to create a new cardboard course with different textures

How to make a golf course around your house?

Use the edge of the driveway as your starting point. Playing throughout your house is the most creative and ambitious course to make as you have many resources at your disposal. You can allow each player to design their own hole or sets of holes. You may also give each room a theme. Create your holes.

How to make a mini golf course for kids?

Creating a Course Using Household Items Let your kids know what mini golf is. Mini golf is a game where players try to get a ball in a hole in the least number of shots. Planning your course. Plan your course based on time and resources. Design your course. Begin by brainstorming your ideas for each hole. Choose your type of course.

How do you make a golf ball go through obstacles?

Then put some cardboard in the slits, mark them and cut them so they fit perfectly in the silts. You can cut any thing on the obstacles to make the ball go through or over them. I cut a hole in one and put a ramp leading to the hole so the ball could go up the ramp and through the hole but thatu0019s just a suggestion.