What do LPGA officials think of Brendon wie's wardrobe?

What do LPGA officials think of Brendon wie’s wardrobe?

Conservative fans may grumble, but younger ones applaud Wie’s wardrobe, LPGA officials say. Players who step out of line get a "quiet little word," said Mark Lamport-Stokes, director of Public Relations for the LPGA. So where is that line? "It’s a tricky balance. You don’t want to be Victorian and staid [or] distasteful."

Where is Michelle Wie playing at the HSBC women’s champions?

Michelle Wie of the United States hits the ball off the fairway on the 6th hole during the HSBC Women’s Champions golf tournament held at Sentosa Golf Club’s Tanjong course on Friday, March 3, 2017, in Singapore. (The Associated Press/Wong Maye-E)

Should fans watch women’s golf putts instead of their butts?

"It does cause chatter," said Uplands Golf Course in Victoria B.C. where pro Ben Griffin says her outfits would be banned. Despite the disgust of old-schoolers, athlete advocates suggest fans watch women’s putts, instead of their butts.

Is Michelle Wie a role model for young golfers?

He says Wie and others are role models for young girls, and part of the new blood infusing fierce competition into female golf. He wishes she took time to thank her volunteers, but he’s not fussed about short skirts.