What are the most important KPIs for a golf course?

What are the most important KPIs for a golf course?

Some of the most important benchmarking standards for public and semi-private courses relate to rounds of golf, revenues per round, and labour and other expense ratios. The following are a few examples of important KPIs by category: Naturally, a key measure of performance is rounds played.

How can KPIs and benchmarks help public course operators?

For a public course operator, it is essential that their information system be ‘real time’, so KPIs can be calculated, and if needed, communication to the general public adjusted in a timely manner (yield management). The use of KPIs and benchmarks need to be part of the toolkit for management and the owner.

What are benchmark standards in golf?

These standards are set and updated based on defined and evolving business models and shared information. The core objectives for creating and using benchmark standards are performance measurement and improvement. The golf industry has lagged other industries in the widespread adoption and use of benchmark standards.