What are the most common golf injuries that need surgery?

What are the most common golf injuries that need surgery?

Torn elbow ligaments are the most common golf injury that we treat with surgery. Shoulder tendinitis is one of the most common conditions. If you haven’t noticed yet, a golf swing and tendinitis go hand-in-hand. Poor mechanics can result in a condition called “shoulder impingement.”

What causes golf injuries?

The golf swing is a complex, coordinated series of motions. Golf injuries can result from poor technique or overuse. They can also result from a single direct blow, like hitting a tree root.

How can I prevent the most common golf injuries?

Preventing the most common golf injuries can be done by working on improving swing mechanics, participating in golf-specific conditioning programs, buying properly fitted equipment, avoiding long practice sessions, always performing a warm up routine before practice and play, and (golf-specific) stretching frequently.

What happens if you get hit by a golf club?

Some people suffer concussions and serious bruising, whereas others sustain broken bones. There can also be serious head injuries or cerebral haemorrhages if the golf club hits someone in the side or back of their head. Golf ball injuries – Last but not least, we have golf ball injuries.