What are the best putter heads for straight putters?

What are the best putter heads for straight putters?

Odyssey Golf, Scotty Cameron (Titleist) and Ping are among the most cutting-edge putter-head makers. Blade-shaped putter heads are the most traditional and recommended for straight putters, according to Golf Putter Guide. Putters with blade heads are among the lightest and smallest, compact and fairly narrow, and the weight is in the face.

What are the different types of putters?

And concerning the design of the head, several types of putters can be distinguished: The classic blade putter has a head shape that is noticeably going out of fashion and is therefore rarely found. This design was very popular from 1900 to 1990, especially since there were hardly any alternatives other than mallet-like putters at the time.

What are putter faces made of?

Traditionally, putter face material was made of steel. Other types of metals used include brass, copper, titanium, bronze, zinc, and aluminum. The heavy and strong nature of metal makes it ideal for putter faces. Steel is known to give a hard, but responsive strike giving steel-based putters a controlled, solid feel.

What is a bladed putter?

Named because of their thin, streamlined putting heads, bladed putters are typically made of forged cast iron and usually have a narrow cavity back. They are the cousin of the muscle back bladed iron and are similarly less forgiving than a bladed iron. Check out our blog for why bladed clubs are harder to use than other types of golf clubs.