What are the best golf shorts of 2021?

What are the best golf shorts of 2021?

The combination of their durability, comfort, performance, and style make the Adidas Golf Men’s ultimate 365 Gingham Plaid Shorts our pick for the best golf shorts of 2021. Adidas has made a second appearance on our list with the Ultimate+.

Why do golfers wear shorts?

But shorts are the ultimate workhorse of every player’s apparel arsenal. Available in every shade under the sun, they are an essential ingredient in a golfer’s warm-weather outfit. Even if the silhouette remains consistent, there are still plenty of ways golf shorts can differentiate themselves.

What is the best fabric for men’s golf short?

Additionally, the Nike Golf Men’s Flex Core Golf Short has a regular button fly and a zipper that provides a secure, traditional fit. It has extra width through the hips and legs to ensure the movement is unrestricted both for casual wear and during play. IZOD rounds out our top list with a fabric blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex.

What are the best cargo shorts for golfers?

As for their functionality, the IZOD Men’s Golf Swing Flex Stretch Cargo Shorts feature cargo zip pockets that enable the storage of personal effects and golf balls. It also has a UPF-40 rating, giving you superior protection from the sun and the heat. Nicklaus’ own branded shorts are 100% polyester with zip fly closure.