What are clone golf clubs and how do they work?

What are clone golf clubs and how do they work?

What are Clone Golf Clubs? Some people might call them Chinese knock off golf clubs, but the proper term for them is clone golf clubs. Essentially, these are imitation clubs that aim to replicate the quality and design of clubs that come from branded choices. Why would you be interested in a clone golf club, you might ask?

What are the best ping clone golf clubs for kids?

If you were hoping to buy a club for your kids but you were hoping to spend a little less than you would on a name brand club, we recommend Diamond Tour Golf. This brand specializes in cloning clubs from lots of different brands, and has often been hailed as the manufacturer of the best Ping clone golf clubs.

What are knock-off golf clubs?

Knock-off clubs are made of poor quality and cheap materials but try to convince you that their product is the original Top Brand by having that brand sticker, placed on their inferior golf club. They are illegal. Like a Rolex watch for $15. They must be avoided.

What types of golf components do you offer?

We offer a huge selection of golf components ranging from heads, shafts, grips, and even club building supplies. Shop our Golf Component section