Should I use a turf tee for my 8-iron?

Should I use a turf tee for my 8-iron?

Most golfers have the ability to get their 8-irons into the air with no problems, and if that same golfer knows their normal 8-iron flies about about 150 yards, why would they risk teeing up the ball, having it fly potentially 160 yards and higher, which means the wind may affect it more? That’s why using a turf tee may come in handy.

Which areas are affected by turf toe?

Areas that may be affected with turf toe include: flexor hallucis brevis: a tendon that helps the big toe when you put your weight on it when running or jumping collateral ligaments: bands of tissue that connect your toe bones and keep the big toe from bending too much to either side of your foot

What is a turf tee in golf?

During the Payne’s Valley Cup last week, the camera panned close to Justin Thomas as he teed up his ball. Except, he didn’t use a tee at all. He used his club to kick-up a tuft of turf, placed his ball delicately on top of it, and hit his shot. That is called a “turf tee”, as it’s known in the biz.

What is turf toe?

Medically reviewed by William Morrison, MD, specialty in Orthopedic Surgery, on August 2, 2017 — Written by Tim Jewell. Turf toe happens when you bend your big toe up toward the top of your foot too far. It’s also called hyperextension. This can cause you to sprain or injure your toe and the ligaments that surround it.