Is John Daly II at the casino?

Is John Daly II at the casino?

The restaurant’s Instagram account also shared a slightly different version of the photo and alerted fans that his son, John Daly II, would be there “later” Friday. Daly’s casino appearance was shared by the Old Row Sports Twitter account, which appeared to show the 56-year-old in the same shirt, shorts and sandals, sitting at a slot machine.

How did John Daly lose $600k in Las Vegas?

Rather than heading home from San Francisco, Daly headed to Las Vegas and settled down at a $5,000-per play slot machine. Within half an hour, he lost $600,000; he promptly took out a new $600,000 line of credit and burned through that, too.

Did John Daly make Hooters a casino run?

John Daly Makes Hooters, Casino Run … After Round 1 of PGA Championship John Daly relaxed after the first round of the PGA Championship in the most John Daly way possible — grabbing some wings at Hooters and hitting the casino.

Can John Daly hit a 300-yard drive?

While you may not be able to hit a 300-yard drive, his pleasures are relatable. With that in mind, Daly was in his element form Thursday evening, after a PGA first round that saw him flirting with the top of the leaderboard for a while before signing for a two-over 72.