Is it correct to say good shots or good luck?

Is it correct to say good shots or good luck?

This is because saying “good shots” on the clubhouse would be a compliment rather than trying to say “good luck.” To avoid confusion, you can use the phrase “good shots” both as a compliment (a way to say “well-done”) as well as saying good luck. 8. May you avoid the rough

How do you wish someone a good shot on the course?

You can use this to wish your fellow golfer a good shot on the course. The word “birdie” refers to the score of one-under-par or one hole ahead of par. It’s usually said when a golfer makes a good shot or putt. Birdies are celebrated with high fives and hugs among friends who enjoy golf. “A birdie!” “Only birdies, Dave! You can do it!”

Where can I find good luck wishes for a competition?

If you’re searching for good luck wishes for competition, we’ve got you covered here at Styiens with a variety of good luck wishes for even the most discerning greeter. Styiens makes it easy to search for good luck wishes and greetings for a competitions.

What do you say to wish someone good luck at golf?

“Good luck,” the golfers say when they meet on any of the 18 holes of golf. Saying “good luck at golf” is also a friendly greeting among friends who know each other well. You can use this phrase when you greet a golfer on the course, or you can use it as a farewell. I’ll just come out and say it: “Good luck with your game today, Steve!” 2.