Is Duffing the ball the worst shot in golf?

Is Duffing the ball the worst shot in golf?

Other than the shank, you might say that duffing the ball is the worst shot someone can play in golf, so if you want to eradicate it from your game then check out our five quick fixes… 1. Have a looser grip If you’re holding the club too tightly you won’t allow the clubhead to flick through at impact and hit the ball before the ground.

Is it derogatory to call a golfer a duffer?

However, if you call a good golfer-a low-handicapper-a duffer, then the term becomes derogatory. And woe unto him who makes the mistake of referring to a golf pro as a "duffer," or using "duffer" as a synonym for "golfer."

How do I prevent the Duff shot?

The follow-through is always important for any shot but especially when trying to prevent the duff shot. With a duff you might be hitting down on the ball too much without a follow-through so make sure you have a balanced high finish so you come up through the ball at impact. 5. Strong wrists during downswing

What is a Duff in golf?

A duff, also known as a chili dip, happens when you hit way too far behind your intended impact area and lay the sod over the ball. This often occurs when players are nervous and feeling pressure.