How to tell if your car needs new shocks or struts?

How to tell if your car needs new shocks or struts?

7. Squatting In The Front Or Back 8. Your Car Doesn’t Ride As Well As It Used To 9. Uneven Tire Wear Do You Need to Replace All Four Shocks or Struts at Once? What are the Symptoms of Bad or Worn Shocks and Struts?

Do I need to replace my golf cart shocks?

Sometimes this is the case, but often replacing the shocks are not necessary. Generally, the easiest way to determine if your golf cart shocks are bad is to check if the shock absorber is leaking oil or showing other signs of physical damage.

How do I know if my golf car shocks are bad?

If the golf car feels like the front end is “nose diving”, it is likely that your shocks are bad. The same can be tested for the rear shocks by putting the golf car in reverse and stopping abruptly.

How do I know if my strut is bad?

Most of the time if a strut is going bad it is because a seal holding the fluid (usually oil) in the shock starts to get old and starts to let the oil escape. This can often be discovered by a simple inspection of the shock. If it appears to be oily, wet or caked with dust and dirt, it is likely that the shock is leaking and needs to be replaced.