How to practice putting at home?

How to practice putting at home?

The following at home golf drills are beginner level to build basic fundamental putting stroke skills. You need just a few phone books and a coin or tee to set up these indoor putting practice drills. Also, you can practice these putting drills on carpet if you don’t have a synthetic indoor putting green.

What are the best indoor putting drills at home?

Top 4 Indoor Putting Drills At Home 1 Dave Pel’z Pillow Drill (for tempo) 2 Two Ball Drill (for clubface control) 3 Yardstick Drill (for proper starting line) 4 Coin Drill (for solid contact)

How can I make more putts?

Speed, line, and break are all important to making more putts. The best putting drills are designed to help you develop these skills and make them second nature for you when you’re on the course. Below, we tell how you perform the drill and what area of putting it will improve.

How do I perform the 100 straight putts putting drill?

The 100 Straight Putts putting drill is designed to improve your short putting and to help you get used to seeing the ball go in. To perform this drill you need to be on the practice green or on an indoor mat. You’ll need your putter and a golf ball.